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"Jamais lin sans l'autre"

...for a familian company

Eddy and Camille DELIGNE, a father and his daughter, launched the company called D'INNOV in 2018. 
As consultant office specialised in textiles, materials and metals, they help companies in their product development projects.

At the beginning of the year 2019, they realised that in France, a new law called "la loi relative à la transition énergétique pour la croissance verte" ("law about energetic transition and green growth") forbids to sell and to distribute for free cups, plates, and many dishes in plastic. The goal is to reduce pollution because plastics make many years to disapear and are associated to toxic products.

On the market we can find alternatives as one-use dishes in biobased materials or reusable dishes, and notably we can find reusable cup in polypropylen (PP).

Reusable product are a good alternative, but if this kind of product is lost in nature or in the seas, pollution is still a problem, because these materials are petrobased, and very harmful for the environment. 

So Eddy and Camille decided to work on the development of a sustainable cup : a cup which is washable in 100% natural materials. This is how "Mon gobelet en lin" ("My cup in flax") is born. 
Ils décident alors de travailler sur la conception d'un gobelet durable, lavable mais en matières 100% naturelles et c'est ainsi que naît la marque Mon Gobelet en Lin.

The company's values are based on our family's values : Respect, Transparency, kindness and Genuineness.


...of our work

In our opinion, when we buy a product it is important to know where it comes from. This is the reason why we have chosen transparency about our cups.
About the materials : The "Mon gobelet en lin" cups are totaly made in natural materials. There is no
dye-stuff, no petrobased additives. Flax comes from french flanders and is labellised European Flax

About the production : Every "Mon gobelet en lin" cup is made in Hauts-de-France (in Picardie and in North). There is no step of the production made outside of France, from the rax material to the selling step, everything is made in France.

La bienveillance pour un Monde meilleur

...for a better world

We believe that it is very important to explain to the consumers how the market is made and which products can be found in order to let them choose, with all the knowledges, what they want to.

We believe in a highlight of local production and the use of sustainable and ecofriendly materials.

To finish, it is important for us to prouve that it is possible to use sustainable, natural and local products at cheap prices. We want our cups to be accessful to everyone.


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